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A brief history of the M3 mount for Mac mini

By January 17, 2015Uncategorized

M3 mini mount
M3 mini mount – The must-have Mac mini accessory for your desktop or home theater

All ideas start somewhere. This is where ours started.


An idea to keep a gaming PC cool became a piece of furniture that then inspired an awesome piece of gear. Most desktop computers cool the same way. Cool air at the bottom/front and hot air out the top/back. Even the Mac mini does this, just at a much smaller scale (you could fit a few Mac minis inside the average gaming PC).

This is all well and good so long as air is able to flow into and out of the case freely. Remember all those XBox 360s that died? Chalk that up to some pretty bad heat issues. Heat stuck inside your machine kills components and slow things down. The M3 mount provides adequate space for your mini to breathe and since “passive cooling” isn’t always enough, we also left room for a fan to really get things moving.

A brief history of the M3 mount for Mac mini
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