In college, I wrote poetry in two languages: English and BASH. I quickly learned to submit my work to the right professors.

Since those days, communication amongst humans and machines has intrigued me. I was the kid that would chat with the AOL message bot and try to break it. Today I help people and businesses realize that technology is more than just a tool. It’s an extension of our personality (or brand) and a means to connect.

That’s why I help people build an online presence, grow communities through technology, and expand their reach through third party integrations.

For nearly a decade I’ve worked with massive corporations and individual artists, scuba gear chains and cupcake shops, law firms and fitness instructors. It may be an odd mix (like my degree in computer science and English), but I now know that mega-churches and anime-streaming websites have similar traffic patterns, doctors and banks both love the color blue (the color of trust of course), and how a page loads is more important than how fast.

I’ve worn many hats, and enjoyed them all. If you need more than someone who can juggle a LAMP stack or preach SEO best practices, someone who can work outside the box or even outside the warehouse the box is in, then I’m your guy.