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Being Awesome: Next On Your To-Do List

By July 27, 2012July 4th, 2020the Foul Fish

Welcome to typical first blog post #497: the first post. This will be the… umpteenth time that I've started a blog. Hopefully I don't get bored and toss this too. I know, sets your expectations high, right? This the first post, the post where I'm supposed to be convincing you, the reader, to come back over and over again just to read my latest smut. It's like a first date, save for the fact that I can't just buy you a few drinks and take you home. Unless you're in to that sort of thing. In which case, call me (867.5309).

Now, back to the topic at hand. Blogging in the past has both a creative outlet as well as a way to share the totally awesome stuff I find. With my degree in Computer Science and English, it kind of made sense to blog about tech. I had a decent following of a few thousand readers. Then amidst college, work, and reproducing it fell by the wayside. Worse still, somewhere between computers I lost the backup. A few years worth of writing gone in an instant.

Enough sob story. After a few mis-starts I finally figured out the problem. Gone in the scrawny little CS student. Instead, we find the single dad, web developer, business owner, etc. You get the picture. so while I will be blogging about tech, you'll also find the occasional parenting story. Maybe some business case studies. Hopefully you enjoy all that. If not, that's what category filters are for. >:)

I'll cut this post short before I get too rambly. Later dudes.


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