Hello M3 mini cooler

Well, here ya go. Version 2 of the Lego-built Mac mini cooler. After the proof of concept worked out so well, I decided to build something more akin to a prototype. This time around I paid a little more attention to form and efficiency. Especially necessary since my son wanted his Legos back.

In regards to form, I found that the huge 200mm fan, while awesome, did not fit the footprint I was looking for. Also, mounting options for 200mm fans are still not standardized. <insert “when is 200mm not 200mm" joke here>. The variety of 140mm fans is much greater as well, and a 140mm would have no problem fitting within my design.

Swapping out the fan also allowed me to drop things a little lower. This prototype is nearly half the height. That’s great for stability and also a little more aesthetically pleasing.

Inside I added blocks around the fan. This prevents the backwash of heated air. This backwash occurs when the fan pushes cool air against the computer (a mini in this case) and then the heated air is reflected back over the fan. Without the blocks surrounding the fan, that heated air would wash over and around the fan and then be re-circulated. That’s not good. Adding the blocks forces the air out the sides and away from the unit.

Lastly, I was able to start looking at how the mini would sit on top of the cooler. The bottom is kinda rounded, the corners too, so it was kind of tricky. After a few hours of experimenting, I finally found something that works...

And a name.

Behold, the M3 mini mount!