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DELL’s Exploding Laptops

By September 4, 2007July 4th, 2020the Foul Fish

DELL has recently released their new line of laptop computers. The Inspibomb, Latiboom, and eXPSlosion.

Really, DELL laptops seem to have a knack at blowing up, and not in the good way. This has been going on for a little while now, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The cause is said to be faulty batteries that were made by Sony (hmmm could be a plot). Many say however, that the laptop’s architecture is also to blame. When you put all the hot stuff together what do you think will happen?

Now, the frequency of the problems in the press are probably only due to the fact that DELL is so popular. As noted, a Mac went KABOOM as well. Also, they have issued battery recalls, but recalls are always a tricky thing. You also have to wonder about others (batteries not recalled) as well. The battery in my Latitude D610 gets so hot that you can’t touch it. I’m afraid to set it near anything flammable.

Just a warning to the blogosphere. If you own a laptop, keep a fire extinguisher near-by.

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