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helusionary is all about technology immersion. Whether you need to better communicate with your customers or figure out Twitter, helusionary is there for you. Feel free to browse, comment, and contact us if necessary. Job offers, donations, and questions are welcome. Checks from Nigeria? Not so much.

helusionary is based in Batavia, New York, right in the middle of Western NY and conveniently placed between Rochester and Buffalo. It’s a city with a small-town community, Buffalo’s snow, and Rochester’s industrial feel, Batavia isn’t exactly known as a technology epicenter, but it is home.

Our business and team are global. We’ve worked with other developers and clients from New York City to Thailand and everywhere in-between because the best ideas don’t come from the same group of people sitting in an office day after day. The best ideas come from a diverse group of minds that scatter the globe, experiencing different things, and then every so often coming together to spark something amazing.