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Her – Official Trailer looks VERY interesting

By December 21, 2013Uncategorized

On the heels of my article on facebook hax comes this adorable movie trailer. I just found this the other tonight and thought, “Looks like my future.” I mean that in a totally not-desperate ¬†creepy basement-dweller kinda way. I promise.

Truth is, when it comes to the whole giver and taker roles in a relationship I am much of the former and less of the latter. In my last article I mentioned doing a little digital snooping that helps with the initial flirt. Doesn’t always need to be so nefarious as watching conversations in a coffee shop. Sometimes just a little extra effort goes a long way.

I often say that Amazon knows what I want before I do. They constantly watch my browsing habits and anticipate what I want. Some call it creepy, but face it, people in love do creepy strange things. I would argue that in many cases Amazon loves me more than most the girls I’ve dated.

I mean, come on. Everyone knows that I live on my computer. Has anyone ever opened my browser window and peaked at my Amazon account? Nope. Hell, you could probably just pick up my phone and ask Siri. Never done that either. Instead, I get the classic “What do you want for your birthday?” line which roughly translates to “Despite the fact that we’ve been dating for months I don’t know what you want and am not willing to put any effort into figuring it out on my own.”

Plenty of movies explore the whole machine to human blurred lines. It’s interesting to see us getting closer and closer. Maybe it makes sense that we’ll one day create machines that love better than we do. In any case, human relationships are going to continue to get a heck of a lot more complicated. I leave you with this other extremely popular video which explores just how attached we could become to a machine.

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