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Please Pirate Me

By April 16, 2007July 4th, 2020the Foul Fish

I just found an interesting article on DarkNet (one of my favortie blogs).

Microsoft Loves you to Pirate Their Software

The theory is that Microsoft wants you to steal their software. Apparently the theft of MS products leads to increased sales. Those in underprivileged countries are notorious for pirating software, but doing so may eventually lead to the sale of MS products. That’s why MS is working on putting together a pay as you go plan for the less privileged.

I guess that this all makes sense in some twisted way. It’s backed up with quotes and all… so between the logic and evidence you can’t help but think it’s true. It makes sense. If people pirate Windows then they’re likely to use other MS products, and may legitimately buy those products. They’ll need ant-virus, games… everything. So stealing one piece of software doesn’t look that bad when the thief is buying a few hundred dollars in other software.

<sigh> I also agree with the author’s final note: Come let us steal Ubuntu! In case you forgot where to find it, it’s here.

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