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Quad-Core Mac Mini Reappears on Apple’s Online Store but Don’t Get Too Excited

By January 27, 2015Uncategorized

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MacRumors reports that the 2012 quad-core version of the Mac mini briefly reappeared in the Apple online store. The new dual-core models are powerful, but many of us are sure to miss the quad-core of the previous generation. Hopefully this means a new quad-core version will be available soon.

Regardless of cores, the form factor of this generation’s mini is the same. That’s awesome because it means the M3 Mount for Mac mini will work with everything from the 2010 mini to the current model.

MacRumor’s articles follows:

Apple today has mysteriously added back a 2012 model Mac mini to the Apple Online Store
for $699. The over two-year-old machine still has the same hardware specifications as it did in 2012, including a 2.3GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, 4GB of RAM and Intel HD Graphics 4000. The listing also shows that the computer ships with OS X Mavericks installed.

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It is unknown if the outdated Mac mini has mistakenly resurfaced on the Apple Online Store, or if Apple intentionally reintroduced the model on its website. One plausible reason that Apple may be making this older Mac mini available for purchase again is to provide customers with a quad-core option, as the existing 2014 models are each powered by dual-core Intel Core i5 processors.

The entry-level Mac is listed as out of stock
in the United States, and MacRumors could not find the model listed for sale elsewhere after spot checks of the Apple Online Store in Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan and several other countries. Apple still offers a refurbished version of the same 2012 Mac mini
for $589 on its website, although that model is also currently out of stock.

Update 11:30 PM PT: The 2012 quad-core Mac mini appears to have disappeared from the Apple Online Store for the time being. It is unclear if it will officially return or if its appearance was a bug.

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Quad-Core Mac Mini Reappears on Apple’s Online Store but Don’t Get Too Excited
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