After over a decade of work and hundreds of websites (somewhere past 300) I can comfortably say that I’ve worked in nearly every industry with companies of varying sizes and shapes. Those sites have come and gone, but the skillsets and experience are here to stay. Some of the more more notable things I’ve done:

  • Built and managed multi-lingual sites (hablo un poquito)
  • Deployed multi-site Drupal installs and WordPress networks
  • Architected and maintained multi-layer multi-server setups for large-scale high-availability websites (LAMP, Varnish, memcached, CDN, cloud storage)
  • Grown massive community sites (millions of visitors)
  • Sparked numerous eCommerce sites for varying businesses (everything from jewelry to scuba gear)
  • Developed donation features for nonprofits
  • Enabled sites to collect ongoing subscription payments
  • Built intranet sites for companies and organizations
  • Configured systems for automatically filling PDF forms
  • Enabled an entire school district to live stream classes
  • Designed beautiful portfolio sites for artists
  • Set up complex Drupal rules for completely custom workflows
  • Helped spec and build of a college computer security lab
  • Researched embedding an IDS in the Linux kernel
  • Worked on Roku, Samsung TV, iOS, and Android app integration
  • Integrated with some cool third-party services
    • Plunet
    • Hulu
    • Youtube
    • Flex app auth
    • Mailchimp
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Maps
    • And others
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