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You, the RIAA, and your P2P client

By August 11, 2007July 4th, 2020the Foul Fish

It would seem that somebody is off suing Kazaa and AOL because they failed to block the download of illegal files.

Isn’t like suing a gun manufacturer for making the weapon you used to kill someone?

Or how about suing the police because they didn’t stop you from committing murder?

I’m completely against the RIAA lawsuits, but these cases against P2P clients and ISPs have to stop. If they continue we’ll end up having a more restricted internet. Courts will say, “OK, let’s just force ISPs to block traffic that may contain illegal downloads.” Nobody wants that… and if you think that’s a good idea then you may want to look into China’s internet policy. We have enough government control over media. We don’t need any more.

Why doesn’t someone file suit against the RIAA witch hunts? Better yet, let’s do something against the abomination that is the DMCA. These people can obviously afford lawsuits so we might as well make a push in the right direction.

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