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A technical wizard

and Red Bull fueled dad

Nicholas is a web-savvy magician whose workings keep the gears spinning.
His cross-discipline full-stack skill set and heuristic approach to problems
ensure that his virtual conjurations run like well-oiled machinery.
The man himself is fueled by Red Bull and black magic.

Nicks wood squirrel
WebOzy fancy signage
Batavia walking bridge

I've had the pleasure of working with Nick on a number of different projects, and have found him to be in the top 5% of all technologist with whom I've worked. He takes his role in projects quite seriously, aiming to consistently deliver above expectations. Nick is a great communicator, and truly understands the intersection of technology & business - helping his clients to tangibly improve their position in the marketplace and positively impact their bottom-line. I would highly suggest Nick in any technologist role - from an implementor role, to project leader or architect.

Michael Richardson - Technical Architect & Product Managemer

Nick's skill at leveraging open source for the benefit of growing businesses maps nicely to our user group, really knowing the right tool or technique for the task at hand. We can all take pointers from his fluency in high-performance Drupal plus being able to attract and sustain enterprise-level clients. He’s a good juggler too: between work, home life, and building up the image of his home town. I’ve never seen his motorcycle but if it’s in the league of all the rest, that’s good enough for me.

John P. Weiksnar - Futurist

Excellent Drupal/PHP developer and web server administration skills. Top notch skills and knowledge.

Fred Tranfield - UI/UX Web Developer

Nick is an exceptional web developer and businessman. Having worked with him and operated a company with him as well, I can tell you that his detail oriented manner along with his passion for web development make him a excellent person for your new website creation.

Joshua Morgan

I have turned to him for help on numerous occasions. His programming skills along with his well rounded knowledge of Computer Science complement his problem solving ability. Nick has the creative ability to think outside of the box, making him an excellent programmer.

Josh Johnson - Information Security Analyst

Nick is an absolute joy to work with. He commands a depth of development knowledge that makes him indispensable in projects large and small, and is one of the easiest people to work with that I've ever met. Any time I have a complex project or difficult development head scratcher, I know I can give Nick a ring, and I'll be on the right path in no time. I couldn't recommend him more highly!

Matthew Leonard - Senior Digital Developer

Nicholas is an extremely detail oriented and high quality, code efficient developers I've ever met. His coding abilities in multiple platforms, his dedication to completion of a project, and his long term experience on both big and small projects make him invaluable to the company. Nicholas has great skill working a problem through and finding a solutions where others fail.

Stephen Gardner - SEM Specialist